Get information about your usage such as your API credit balance.

The API Credits Balance endpoint returns an overview of your API credit counter of your AppTweak account.

No credits are required to make this call. You can find a response example below.

  "result": {
    "current_monthly_api_credits": 19738, // number of remaining monthly API credits
    "aso_monthly_api_credits": 25000, // number of API credits included in your ASO plan
    "api_monthly_api_credits": 0, // number of API credits coming from your API plan
    "total_monthly_api_credits": 25000, // total recurring credits which is the sum of aso_monthly_api_credits and api_monthly_api_credits
    "next_renewal_date": "2022-12-22T01:00:00.000Z", // renewal date of your recurring credits
    "additional_api_credits": 0 // number of remaining additional credits
  "metadata": {
    "request": {
      "path": "/api/public/apptweak/usage/credits",
      "params": {},
      "cost": 0,
      "max_credit_cost": 0,
      "status": 200
    "response": null

On your API dashboard you can also find back your credit balance as shown in the image below.
⚠️ *Bear in mind that we show the credits used on our tool while on our API it is the remaining credits.


API dashboard on AppTweak tool. The orange rectangle highlights the monthly credit usage and the number of additional credits.