Reply to Reviews [deprecated]

Reply to reviews using AppTweak's API

How to reply to a review with our API?

To be able to reply to reviews with our API you'll need the following:

  • An app with a working AppTweak integration
  • A valid API token
  • Enough API credits
  • Reviews on your app

App Store Connect or Google Review Integration

To create an integration on AppTweak, you can follow the guide for App Store Connect or Google Review.


Step-by-step prompt to connect your developer console to AppTweak.

Get your app reviews

Get your app reviews by using App Reviews Search and get the review id from the reviews you would like to respond to.


On the left: Ratings & Reviews on the App Store for the app "Pocket Champs: 3D Racing Games" (app id: 1542776143). On the right: API response for the reviews on the same app on the 2022-09-28.

Reply to the review

You'll need the following input parameters to reply to a review:

  1. app id
  2. device (iphone or android)
  3. review id
  4. reply content

Reply of the review with id 9128515252 for the app "Pocket Champs: 3D Racing Games".

To post a successful reply, you'll need a working integration associated with your API token. Otherwise you'll get a 403 error UserMissingResourceError.