Get information about the AppDNA and GameDNA currently supported in AppTweak

The AppDNA and GameDNA endpoint returns a list of the current DNAs enabled in AppTweak. These are common for both Apple Store and Google Play Store.

This endpoint costs 1 credit per call.

The endpoint will return an array of hashes under result, displaying:

  • class_id: The ID of the AppDNA or GameDNA class ID
  • class_label: A label attached to the class to describe it
  • subclass_id: The ID of the AppDNA or GameDNA subclass ID
  • subclass_label: A label attached to the subclass to describe it

Classes and subclasses

Each AppDNA or GameDNA is expressed as a class and a subclass. You can use both IDs as a DNA ID in other endpoints. A subclass is always part of a class. The labels are meant to not be used as identifiers, but more as extra metadata about the AppDNA or GameDNA.