Keyword Metrics

Returns analytics data for different keywords that AppTweak gathers or estimates.

Keyword metrics are numerical properties that AppTweak has been able to gather or estimate about keywords. Metrics are exposed through two endpoints:

This endpoint returns the data for today. If AppTweak hasn't stored the data, the data will be fetched live on the store.

This endpoint returns the data from AppTweak's databases. If the data is not available, you'll get a "null" response and you won't get charged credits for the datapoints.

See below for a list of available metrics.

Metric nameDescriptionOriginHistorical Data Available?
volumeA score between 5 and 100 that shows how popular a keyword is in terms of searches. The higher the number, the more popular the keyword is.Apple Search Popularity ScoreiOS only
difficultyA score between 1 and 100 that shows the level of competition of a keyword. The higher the number, the higher the competition. A high Difficulty score indicates that powerful apps rank in the top 10 search results, making it more difficult to rank high for the keyword.AppTweak-defined KPI➖
brandAn object containing an app id, app title, and app icon if a keyword is branded. An empty object means that the keyword is considered generic.AppTweak estimation➖
resultsOn iOS, this represents the total number of apps considered by Apple before applying their sorting algorithm. A bigger number means that more apps "match" the keyword.

On Android, this is the total number of apps that AppTweak was able to fetch when making the search for a keyword.
Gathered directly from the app store pagesiOS only
max_reachAn object containing monthly impressions estimation for a keyword and the data of the data. Not available for ipad.AppTweak estimation➖
all_installs [DEPRECATED]An estimation of downloads generated by searches for that keyword every month, if available for the country requested.AppTweak estimation➖