Ad Intelligence

Get the paid keywords from an app and the share of voice of a paid keyword.

App Paid Keywords

Get the list of keywords for which an app has placed a bid. The App Paid Keywords endpoint returns the keywords for which an ad of an app was detected by AppTweak over the selected date range. The results can be either returned day-by-day or aggregated by keyword using the aggregated parameter.

In the example below, you can see the result and the format of the response for the app Disney+ in Belgium on Android.


App Paid Keywords for Disney Plus in the US on Android between 2022/09/01 and 2022/11/28 in with the aggregated view.


Only available in Search Ads countries

Apple Search Ads is only available in some countries/regions, therefore the App Paid Keywords endpoint for iOS won't return results for non-ASA countries such as Brazil or Turkey for example. You can get the full list of countries on the following link.

Keyword Share of Voice

The Keyword Share of Voice (SOV) represents how often an ad shows in comparison to other ads on a keyword.

The keyword SOV of your app corresponds to:
# of occurrences of your app / # of occurrences all apps

In the example below, you can see the result and response format for the keyword "streaming" in Belgium, on Android between 2022/08/01 and 2022/08/15.


Keyword Share of Voice for the keyword "streaming" in Belgium for Android