Returns analytics data for applications that AppTweak has been able to gather or estimate.

Application metrics are numerical properties that AppTweak has been able to gather or estimate about applications. Metrics are exposed through two endpoints:

  • The Current endpoint which returns the latest - most recent - data available
  • The History endpoint which returns the historical daily values over a given period of time

See below for a list of available metrics.

Metric Name



Historical Data Available?


The daily number of downloads generated the application

AppTweak estimation


The daily revenues generated by the application

AppTweak estimation


A number between 1 and 100 indicating how visible and popular the application is.
Higher is better.

AppTweak-defined KPI


A number between 1 and 5 indicating how many users like this application.
Higher is better.

Gathered directly from the app store pages

All metrics are available for both iOS and Android applications.