What are recipes? 🧐

API recipes allow developers to run code in a quick and easy way by providing ready-made code samples. Recipes are a simple way to quickly access data for concrete use cases with our API, such as:

Where to find them? 🔍

Our recipes will often use one or multiple API endpoints. You can find them in the documentation of the API endpoints itself or you can head over to the Recipes menu to find all the available recipes.

How to run a recipe? 🧪

You can directly copy and paste our recipes into your favorite code editor (Visual Studio Code or Sublime Text), or into an online code notebook such as Jupyter or Google Colab.

Code samples can be displayed in several programming languages; on AppTweak, they will be mainly in Python or Ruby.

Are you willing to run your first recipe but you have never written a line of code? Don't worry we got you covered. Head over to our dedicated helpdesk article to find a step-by-step tutorial to run your first recipe smoothly.

Video of the third step of our tutorial. To find the full list of steps to go our helpdesk article