API Changelog

August 12 2022


New languages and countries now available through our API.

Newly available countries on iOS and Android

  • Botswana (bw)
  • Cyprus (cy)
  • Dominican Republic (do)
  • Kenia (ke)
  • Cambodia (kh)
  • Malawi (mw)
  • Senegal (sn)
  • Tanzania (tz)
  • Uganda (ug)

Newly available languages for Android devices

  • Estonia (ee) now has Estonian (et)
  • India (in) now has Tamil (ta), Marathi (mr), Telugu (te), Kannada (kn), Malayalam (ml), Bengali (bn) and Punjabi (pa)
  • Iceland (is) now has Icelandic (is)
  • Lithuania (lt) now has Lithuanian (lt)
  • Latvia (lv) now has Latvian (lv)
  • Malaysia (my) now has Chinese (cn)
  • Philippines (ph) now has Filipino (ph)

You can find all the available countries and languages in the following section - Supported Countries & Languages.

August 9 2022


The limit query parameter of App Reviews Search has been updated to start at the index of the offset query parameter. Previously it started incorrectly from index 0.

June 14 2022


The URLs for following endpoints were updated to bring more consistency in our documentation:

  1. App Category Ranking - Current .../apps/category-rankings/current.json replaces .../apps/charts-rankings/current.json
  2. App Category Ranking - History .../apps/category-rankings/history.json replaces .../apps/charts-rankings/history.json

Both old and new URLs will co-exist until June 20 2022 at 11 am CET. After that date, only the new URLs will work.

June 7 2022


App Reviews endpoints are now available:


We will make the following changes to the existing endpoints on June 8 2022 at 11 am CET:

May 18 2022

Bug fixes and new endpoints coming up!


Keyword Suggestions endpoints are now available:


Incorrect 500 errors.