Keyword Suggestions

Returns keywords suggestions by app, category, trend or volume change.

The Keyword Suggestions endpoints allow you to retrieve a list of keywords that are performing well for an app, a category, or in general in the app stores.

Keyword Suggestions by App

Get a list of recommended keywords based on an app ID. The keyword suggestions are keywords for which the selected app ranked in the top 100 search results at least once in the last 3 months. You can sort the list by "score", "ranking", or "volume".

The "score" is an indicator between 0 and 100 that estimates how much a keyword drives downloads for the selected app. The higher the number, the more downloads the keyword is estimated to drive. The score is meant to give an insight on how well keywords perform for an app, country and device.

The "ranking" is the most recent position of an app in the search results for a keyword that AppTweak has been able to gather.

The "volume" is a score between 5 and 100 that shows how popular a keyword is in terms of searches. The value shown is the latest volume value AppTweak has been able to gather.

You can also select the sort direction. By default the sort direction is set to provide the best recommendation first, i.e.

  • "descending" for "score"
  • "ascending" for "ranking"
  • "descending" for "volume"

The Keyword Suggestions by App will vary every day with the ranking of the apps on keywords.

Keyword Suggestions by Category

Get a list of popular keywords for a category. This is computed by looking at the best keywords for the top 50 apps of a category. The most recent top chart is taken into account and the keyword suggestions are computed every day. The keyword list is ordered by descending keyword volume.

For each keyword suggestion, you'll get the keyword volume and the keyword difficulty.

Keyword Suggestions by Trend (iOS only)

Get a list of trending keywords for a selected date range. The trending keywords are the keyword suggestions that Apple displays in the tab “Search” before the user has started typing. Every day we fetch all trending keywords.

The number of occurrences of the keywords during the selected date range are indicated in the response. An occurence corresponds to a keyword appearing one day. The list of keywords is sorted by descending keyword occurrences (highest number of occurrences first).

Keyword Suggestions by Volume Change (iOS only)

Get a list of keywords that have experienced the biggest change over the selected date range. You can choose to filter by 'positive delta' to see keywords that gain volume search or 'negative delta' to see keywords that have lost volume search over the selected time period. The keywords are sorted by descending volume change (highest volume change first).