API Subscription Pricing


The AppTweak Public API is a commercial product provided by AppTweak.

The final price of a request is based on the kind of data that you are requesting and the amount of data queried. AppTweak only charges for returned data— any queried data point(s) that cannot be returned by AppTweak will not be charged.

The complete list of data point prices, as well as some pricing examples can be found in the Pricing Table.

To get more API credits, users have two options:

  1. Purchasing an API plan

API plans work as a subscription where the recurring API credits are reset at the end of the billing period.

  1. Top Up their account with additional credits

As opposed to the API plans, additional API credits are one-off purchases (instead of subscription-based). Additionally, credits bought through an Additional API Credits package are not reset at the end of a billing cycle— they remain available on your account until you need them.

The price of these additional API credits depends on the API plan you are subscribed to when making the purchase. Bigger API plans offer discounts on the price of additional credits.


Monthly credits are used first

The API will always use the recurring monthly credits first before using any additional credits.

The following tables summarises the pricing for API plans & the additional API credits for monthly & yearly plans.

Monthly Pricing

Monthly API Plans & Additional Credits Pricing

Monthly API Plans & Additional Credits Pricing

Yearly Pricing

Yearly API Plans & Additional Credits Pricing

Yearly API Plans & Additional Credits Pricing

Additional credits can be purchased per batch of 25,000 credits. Their pricing varies with the API plan. Users without an API plan (API lite) can also purchase additional credits for $80 / 25,000 Credits.